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In the high tech age of today, business are lookin Essay Example For Students

In the cutting edge time of today, business are lookin Essay MIAg for better approaches to extend and get their items out to the market. We as of now have numerous laws and associations that urge this and attempt to assist the organizations. NAFTA, GATT, WTO and EECU are good to go up in light of partnerships. We are for the most part making progress toward a free market economy so everybody gets an opportunity yet what dangers will that force on the shopper. That is the place the MAI comes in. The Multinational Agreement of Investors is attempting to go after The MAI has been being examined since 1995. It began as a thought in the WTO and when a portion of the littler nations dismissed it, it went to the Economic Cooperation and Development. This association is comprised of the 29 wealthiest nations which are home to 95% of the best 500 enterprises. This new understanding is extremely solid and that is the reason it is as yet being held up in the conversation stage. In the event that it comes genuine it will permit organizations to assemble a nyplace and make what they need that they believe that they can sell. it will likewise let the corps. move legislative center all the more uninhibitedly. The primary perspective for this is it will dispose of segregation of the organizations nationality. The defeats are that it enables the organizations to suegovernment of the nation that it is in if the partnership feels that its entitlement to make benefit is being hurt. his comes as a major issue since then the company no longer needs to stress over doing things a specific path as long as they bring in cash. This leaves the individuals in the state vulnerable against their contamination and estimating power. Starting at now this understanding is as yet being held up on the grounds that France and Canada dropped out of the conversations because of the enormous Non-Government Organizations that are fighting the MAI. Different nations are attempting to restore it since they think over the long haul it will be useful as we globolize are economies more. I am exceptionally happy that the MAI is being held up the present moment. I feel that letting a company become its own sovereign state is going to far. I need to have my offer in bringing in cash yet it is as yet imperative to regard others accepts and that is the thing that the MAI doesn't do. On the off chance that that got passed I imagine that we would at last have a free market economy and that it would smash everything. List of sources:

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Sociology Essay Paper Example For Students

Human science Essay Paper A sociologist’s objective is to distinguish repeating examples of and impacts on social conduct. Sociologists utilize almost all the techniques for procuring data, from cutting edge numerical measurements to the translation of writings to contemplate social conduct. The humanist use reviews, direct perception, tries, and existing sources. They utilize these strategies to take care of issues about social conduct in human gatherings just as people. In their examination, they search for essential assets. These essential assets can be enumeration and imperative reports from the administration. The principal strategy is the overview. A review is an investigation, for the most part as a meeting or poll, which furnish sociologists with data concerning how individuals think and act. It is frequently an assortment and examination of reactions of enormous examples of individuals. The review surveys are intended to evoke people’s conclusions, perspectives, and opinions about a par ticular point. An overview ought to be exact. The best way to ensure a review is exact is to make the inquiry explicit. A powerful inquiry must be clear and justifiable. This will take out issues and give sociologists the kind of data wanted. There are two principle kinds of studies. They are the meeting and the survey. These two strategies represent an impressive test for examiners. There are numerous favorable circumstances of the meeting strategy. One is that the questioner can get a high reaction rate since individuals would not turn them down eye to eye instead of the survey. Another favorable position is that a questioner can delve somewhere down in to the person’s sentiments and find a genuine solution. In a composed poll, the humanist wouldn’t know whether the individual were lying about the subject. In a meeting, the scientist can take a gander at a person’s outward appearances and hand motions. The main bit of leeway that the survey has is that it†™s less expensive to experience the examination. Some of the time it is hard to utilize these strategies since it doesn’t comply with race and gander members. Another strategy is perception. A perception is a direct record of data from the individual or people contemplating the gathering. Perception studies might be utilized to improve the arrangements and structures of associations. A few sociologists acquire data through member perception. Member perception permits a humanist to briefly become or claiming to turn into an individual from the gathering being considered. Sociologists additionally acquire data by depending on proficient sources of the gathering. This mentions the objective fact technique the most tedious strategy for explore. An individual must include him/herself altogether and become one with the gathering. The perception procedure may create a few difficulties for the specialist. The scientists ought to completely comprehend what they’re watching. T he analyst ought not grow cozy connections to where he/she can not think of a legitimate end. Sociologists additionally use analyzes as one of their examination strategies. Sociologists utilize an analysis to consider circumstances and logical results connections. A test is a test or preliminary misleadingly made. The circumstance permits the specialist to frame factors and present control factors. So as to do an examination, two gatherings of individuals are chosen. One would be the test gathering and the other the benchmark group. The exploratory gathering is presented to a free factor. The free factor is modified and impacts an adjustment in the test gathering. Sociologists regularly utilize old information in their examination. Old information would incorporate maps, registration, and measurements. They utilize optional examination, which is an assortment of methods that utilize information. As a rule, data specialists get isn't taken a gander at a similar route as it was by the underlying authorities. People’s conduct is non-responsive in light of the fact that it isn't impacted. The main issue with utilizing different people’s information is that it may not be precise, and it may not relate precisely to what the specialist is searching for. List of sources:

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How to Become a Fitness Model

How to Become a Fitness Model If youre a bodybuilder or you spend the majority of your time working hard in the gym to improve your physique, your ultimate goal may be to carve a career as a fitness model.Now, thats an awesome goal, but it can be a tough one to accomplish if you dont really know how to begin.The fitness industry in the U.S. is worth $30 billion dollars and it’s growing by at least 3 to 4% every year for the past 10 years, according to International Health, Racquet Sportsclub Association (IHRSA).The industry has experienced unimaginable growth in the last 40 years. Source: Metabolic MemoryFitness people and bodybuilders drool over the thought of getting paid as fitness models.As a matter of fact, the word model invokes the visualization of the life of glamour and affluence for simply doing what you love.Getting paid to show off your physique, what could seriously be better?So, if you desire to become just like the fitness models youve seen in TV ads, movies and magazines with six pack abs and a lean body, then youll get the top tips to becoming one in this article.Firstly, its important to state that bodybuilding varies to some degree from fitness modeling.In bodybuilding, huge and ripped muscles are a necessity. But in fitness modeling, you just need only lean, toned muscles that are shaped properly.  Youd also be required to possess something unique whether its your physique or face to excel in fitness modeling.However, even if you do not have certain qualities, what youll get out of this article will assist you in overcoming the restriction s of the qualities that are a necessity to succeeding in this field.Here are the various tips to assist you in becoming a fitness model and they are divided into 4 different sections:Mental TipsTips on DietFitness and Workout TipsMarketing Tips1. MENTAL TIPS: THE MINDSET YOU NEED TO HAVE IN FITNESS MODELINGLets first dive into the mentality required.This is crucial because even if you possess every other quality needed if you have a weak mindset, you definitely will not succeed in fitness modeling.The competition in the industry is extremely cut-throat. And its dominated mostly by females.Females make the most financial gains out of it.Of course, male fitness models that make millions annually exist but, in comparison to female models, they are fewer.In addition to the lure of affluence, you can also achieve massive media exposure and fame in this field, so you need to have your end goal at the back of your mind constantly.Having a Long-Term CommitmentThe initial mindset shift requ ired of you to make in order to succeed in this modeling niche is to ensure that your commitment is for the long haul.If your interest is going to be just for the first few months and then youd get easily discouraged by the minimal results of the early stages, then you wont attain success at all.You need to have a minimum timeline between 1 to 3 years and implement consistently the tips you get from here.Your commitment to working out has to be non-stop.This is because the maintenance of your body shape throughout the year is vital, as you can never be certain when the opportunity youve been searching for pops ups before you.Consistent MarketingPossessing a gorgeous physique for a fitness model isn’t sufficient on its own.You need to throw yourself out to the open, before modeling agencies, network with individuals who can assist you in becoming fitness model and take part in various fitness competitions. In the marketing section, well discuss more on selling yourself.Diehard Ment ality Never say NeverFinally, in relation to your mindset, never say never to your pursuit of becoming a top rated fitness model.A lot of fitness models work part-time.So you may not be required to do it full time, however, you need to be certain you are moving towards your goals consistently.The Physical Necessities Required of a Fitness ModelNot everyone would possess the physical necessities required in fitness modeling.Physical attributes like your height can not be modified, nevertheless, there are features you can work on and enhance to succeed in the industry.Now with that out of the way, here are some of the common physical requirements for male fitness modeling: It is great your height range is between 6 foot 3 inches to 5 foot 10 inches.You need to have an athletic lean body and be physically fit.Healthy looking skin with firm muscle tones is required. Itll also be a bonus if you are attractive and good looking.These requirements are obviously not carved in stone and exce ptions do exist.But these are great guidelines that you can use to evaluate yourself.2. TIPS ON DIETYou cannot achieve a great physique simply by just working out; you need to be on a proper diet as well.Its a true saying that your physique is chiseled out in your kitchen.Balanced DietThis can never be overstressed, a balanced diet is deeply important for you as a fitness model.It includes proteins, fat, and carbohydrates as essential components.Youd be required to consume about 30% proteins, 20% fats and 50% carbohydrates.This is a common ratio that does great for most people.To get even better results, experiment with different diet plans using the general ratio and make changes based on the kind of results a specific diet plan gives you.Vegetables and Fruits for Healthy Hair and SkinHaving really healthy looking skin as a fitness model is very important. As weve seen already looking good is a huge bonus, when selling you.Hence, you need to include a sizable amount of fruits and v egetables in your diet plan.Some of which are berries, kiwis, broccoli and green beans etc these are some of the vegetables and fruits that will assist you in having beautiful, healthy hair.A lot of Water Water keeps your body hydrated as you work out; hence, you need to drink a lot of it.Apart from this, it will aid you in flushing out toxins in the skin as well as metabolize proteins.What to Stay Away from in Your DietStay away from salty and sugary foods, also meals with preservatives.Intake of carbonated drinks and alcohol are also not great for health as a fitness model.These will not aid you in maintaining a skin tone and skin as is required in the industry.Proper diet and exercise can also improve your heart, while you’re busy working hard to become a fitness model.Finally, in order to reduce weight, decrease your calorie intake slowly. It’s crucial for the reduction to be gradually done.This is because if the reduction is carried out drastically, your body will slide int o the starving mode and begin to store calories and its a terrible state to be in when trying to develop shredded abs.3. FITNESS AND WORKOUT TIPSWith proper workout and diet, you can chisel out the required physique of a fitness model. Now, with the necessary dieting tips done, we can focus on working out!This is undoubtedly your favorite section and what you’ve been waiting for.As Ive already said, you do not have to achieve huge and ripped muscles like bodybuilders do to succeed in fitness modeling.All thats required is an athletic lean, physically fit body and great skin.Building Muscles and Burning Fat with Cardio ExercisesOne of the best exercises to assist you in building muscles and burning fat are cardio exercises.You can try cardio exercises such as rope jumping, kickboxing, running, cycling and walking etc to produce the best results.Alongside cardio exercises, you can also do sit-ups and crunches to perfect your abs.Anaerobic Threshold IncrementAnaerobic threshold incre ment is vital to achieving your desired shape in fitness modeling.The ability of the human body to eliminate lactic fast is known as anaerobic threshold.When your anaerobic threshold is high it allows you to work out longer and harder.By having interval training done on outdoor tracks and treadmills, your anaerobic threshold can be increased.Pilates TrainingAn excellent way to boost flexibility, build lean muscles, endurance, control and strength is Pilates. Pilates training also aids in the improvement of agility and reduction of stress.In relation to workout tips, having training sessions in small intervals with small weights produces stronger results than heavyweights in long sessions.It’s also important to work out varying muscle groups daily for 5 days with a two-day rest. Rest is essential as your muscles develop during your rest periods.4. MARKETING TIPS FOR YOUR MODELING CAREERNo matter how good a product is, it can never sell itself without being put out there.In a simila r manner, you may have an amazing body shape, but if you dont sell yourself by getting out there, you will never succeed as a fitness model.Below are a few marketing tips that you can utilize to obtain profitable exposure in fitness modeling.Create an Attractive PortfolioIn order to market yourself, you need to a have a magnetic portfolio, it needs to be irresistible. Your portfolio is made up of your physical measurements, photos with your best poses and a short description about you and why youre interested in becoming a fitness model.When you start out taking pictures, ensure you take 100s of pictures first. This will allow you numerous choices, and then you can now pick for the best 4 to 5 poses and place them in your portfolio photos.You could even make these 4 to 5 poses your reference poses, whenever you need to appear in a photo shoot.By using these photos you get to present the best choices consistently.Get Across to Modeling Agencies OnlineNow youve got your portfolio all set, you can use it in reaching out to modeling agencies online.Get on Google and search for various modeling agencies, study their requirements of submission.Adjust your portfolio in relation to their specific requirements and submit it to them.A lot of web-based modeling agencies are connected to other magazines, photographers, advertisers, and other similar agencies. Its a great way to achieve quality exposure in the fitness industry.Even though youd be in competition with 1000s of candidates, you can succeed by the law of percentage by doing it consistently and in mass volume; youd certainly get great results.Be a Part of Modeling Auditions and CompetitionsModeling competitions are an excellent way to achieve exposure; as such competitions always pull the attention of major fitness companies, fitness photographers, advertisers, modeling agencies and magazines.Also, you could include in your search fitness auditions for magazines. Find out what the requirements are for such audit ions and make preparations accordingly.Have a look at videos for fitness competitions and aim to emulate the winners’ poses. Ensure that you carry out pose training 30 minutes daily for 6 weeks ahead of the competition.During competitions be sure that your poses must appear natural, without looking tense or hard. You need to learn how to stay relaxed while your abs is contracted.It can all be achieved through consistent practice. Great physique is just one aspect of the requirements that the judges use when picking a winner, there are various others as well as your personality.Your attitude, charisma, and confidence you exude are really essential.You need to possess a great posture symmetry and muscle tone. How attractive you are is also part of the considerations, in addition to how sellable you are in the industry.Its necessary to locate equilibrium between your muscle tone, fitness level, personality, body type, and skeletal structure.Get Assistance from AgentsTo find quality f itness modeling agents you can simply search online and even do a local search for better results.Get across to them with your model portfolio and have them locate great gigs for you.However, it’s important not to get scammed. Look for the reviews of any agent you intend to use and only pay an agent once youve gotten booked.Try to Work Only with Established Fitness Modeling PhotographersSearch for established photographers who consistently have their work displayed in major fitness magazines. Send them your portfolio and theyll most likely be able to get you awesome gigs.A great tip would be to offer to work free for them, this will allow you to put your talent out there and itll be without risks on their part.Win-win situation. Nevertheless, even if they are not capable of providing you with gigs, keep them in your circle, so in the future; they may refer you to an agency or other photographers.FITNESS MODEL OPPORTUNITIESThe opportunities you have as a fitness model is limitless, you can be featured in a magazine ad, model for a fitness agency or even have the privilege to appear in a TV commercial ad.In every listed case above, you need to possess a commercially and marketable attractive look that pulls the interest of numerous consumers and clients.WHAT KIND OF COMPANIES CAN I WORK FOR IN FITNESS MODELING?There is a broad range of agencies you can work under in fitness modeling.A few of them are athletic wear agencies, fitness companies, supplement manufacturers, fitness magazines, etc.The possibilities and opportunities are unlimited but fitness modeling can be unprofitable and unglamorous for a newbie however tenacity is vital when searching for opportunities.CONCLUSIONYou need to as well maintain a balanced diet, be strictly committed to a consistent physical fitness, look attractive on camera and keep a great shape.The industry is extremely competitive, needs tough work and commitment but if you follow the tips youve seen here youd have a tremendous e dge over others especially when you consistently implement them.A lot of things to keep in mind, but having all these at the back of your mind are essential to success.Try to have fun, work hard and youll see the positive effect of your disciple and sacrifices.

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The History of AIDS and HIV - 690 Words

In this HHMI lecture, the speaker, Dr. Ojiktu, combined basic research and clinical and public health work in her talk just as she does in her everyday work life. She is a medical doctors that sees many patients between the Boston area and a South African province in which 1 and 5 people are infected with the a virus that causes aids. She discuses the microscopic realm of the virus and virus infected cells to AIDS therapies. Dr. Ojiktu treats people with HIV and other infectious diseases. She enjoys linking what is happening here and overseas. She also works on a team to develop programs and do research concerning aids. In 1980 a strange new disease was growing, starting in Los Angeles. This disease presented vague symptoms such as weight loss, lack of energy, diarrhea, fevers and sweats, rashes, and swollen lymph nodes. These symptoms could be caused by any viral infectious. The unique thing is that these systems were chronic, progressive, and debilitating. Some patients presented v ery bad shortness of breath and a bad cough. With this they found that the patients had a rare fungal infection called Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP). There were also some cases concerning these symptoms in New York City. These cases are rare so the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noticed a spike in the drug Pentamidine (a drug used to treat PCP, typically used on cancer patients). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sent out Dr. Golfi to investigate. Dr. GolfiShow MoreRelatedThe History Of Hiv And Aids Essay2469 Words   |  10 PagesThe History of HIV and AIDS In the 1980s, a mysterious disease began to take the lives of Americans. With the cause unknown, a fear grew among Americans. An unusually high rate of people was becoming sick with strange and rare diseases. When experimental treatments failed to work, people died. This mysterious disease is what we now know as HIV–Human Immunodeficiency Virus. In the past thirty-five years, the HIV has taken many turns in history. Although we do not hear about HIV and AIDS now, itRead MoreShould The Hiv / Aids Epidemic?918 Words   |  4 PagesShould the HIV/AIDs epidemic in Africa be described as a feminist issue? With higher transmission rates concentrated among African women, and the vast majority of new mother-child transmissions occurring within African countries, HIV seemingly fits into the scope of feminist concerns. As described in Oppong and Kalipeni’s contribution to Kalipeni,’s HIV AIDS in African: Beyond Epidemiology, the consistent classifying of the HIV/AIDS epidemic as being the direct result of distinct AfricanRead MoreHiv / Aids : Hiv And Aids892 Words   |  4 PagesHIV/AIDS is a virus that has been going around for many years. Most people do not really know what HIV stands for. HIV is a Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). HIV attacks the part of your body that fights disease better known as the immune system. The virus makes the immune system shut down and stop working. The immune system shutting down is the worst part about HIV not having any signs or symptoms to notify you of the virus is the worst part. Most people that have HIV looks health and only knewRead MoreThe Origins Of Hiv ( Immunodeficiency Syndrome )1031 Words   |  5 Pages The origins of HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) and the disease it causes AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). The virus might have sprung up as early as the 1940’s, yet it was not recognized as a new pathogen until the early 1980s. Physicians who study patterns of illness began to take not when immune-deficiency conditions such as oral candida thrush, herpes, Pneumocystis Jiroveci pneumonia, and Kaposi’s sarcoma, a rare type of cancer, began to show up in the United States, primarily amongRead MoreThe Human Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Essay770 Words   |  4 Pagesimmune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a retrovirus that is found in two forms HIV-1 and HIV-2. The AIDS virus is a relatively new virus receiving attention in the 1980’s. As quickly as it swept through the world, was as quickly it went to epidemic proportions. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome is a virus that enters and infects the body through sexual activity with an infected party . AIDS is a very infectious and dangerous virus that causes the death of many humans. AIDS is characterized by two singleRead MoreHiv And Aids Epidemic. In The 21St Century, Everyone Has1439 Words   |  6 PagesHIV and AIDS Epidemic In the 21st century, everyone has heard of the frightening HIV and AIDS virus. The disease we first discovered in 1983 in Arica, when it killed millions of people, especially poor people and travelers. In the developing countries, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) are considered a death sentence, the world over, it is a frightening virus that has killed many people. The research provided me with the information the developingRead MoreThe Fight Against Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Immunodeficiency Syndrome ( Hiv / Aids )1714 Words   |  7 Pagessyndrome (HIV/AIDS) in Africa and it became one of the earliest success stories (USAID 2004). However, the HIV-AIDS prevalence rates have been rising again drastically since 2011. Uganda now seeks for â€Å"Preventive Measures† lessons from other countries that had used it before as â€Å"a learning and reference point† (Monitor Uganda, May 8, 2013). Therefore, the question of interest in this paper is why are the rates of HIV-AIDS suddenly increasing in Uganda? According to the 2011 AIDS IndicatorRead MoreOn-Going Fear of AIDS Essay1550 Words   |  7 PagesAIDS isn’t a disease people have known about since the 1800s. In fact, it wasn’t even known as AIDS until a couple years after its discovery in the 1980s. Before, it was called Gay Related Immunodeficiency Disease, or GRID (â€Å"Natural History of HIV/AIDS†). And because of the fact it wasn’t discovered until the 1980s, people feared the disease and still do to this day. It’s been thirty years and many are still not properly educated about AIDS (Hawkins 16). The fear, stigmatization, and discriminationRead MoreHistory Of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome1272 Words   |  6 PagesThe history of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome in the United States starts in 1981, the year it became recognized by country as an official new strang e disease. By 1982 it was recognized as Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). It started in San Francisco, with five young homosexual men, they were presented with Pneumonia (PCP). As the year went on there were more reports of homosexual men presenting PCP and some of them were diagnosed with PCP and Kaposi ´s Sarcoma (KS). Others reportsRead MoreInternational Aids Vaccine Initiative ( Iavi )900 Words   |  4 PagesInternational AIDS Vaccine Initiative According to International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) (2016) in 1983, scientists and researchers discovered that human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) directly causes the immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Unfortunately, over 40 million of people worldwide have died due to AIDS and other complications relating to AIDS (IAVI, 2016). HIV and AIDS have spread over the world in drastic speed and caused one of the most destructive pandemics ever recorded throughout

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Enron s Ethics Code Of Enron Essay - 943 Words

Abstracts Enron was once one of the largest companies in the world. After many years of using diverse accounting tricks, they finally had to file bankruptcy in December 2001 due to not being able to hide billions in debt. The top 140 executives got paid 680 million in 2001. (CNN Library, 2015). Kenneth Lay as the founder of Enron and Jeffrey Skilling as the chief executive were both convicted in 2006. (Weiss, 2009, p.28). Thousands of workers were left with valueless stock in their pensions which literally means they lost their life savings. This article focuses on Enron’s ethics code, Enron’s failure of top leadership, Enron’s corporate culture and Enron’s complicity. On the other hand, I will discuss the lessons I learnt from Enron case. Keywords: Enron’s ethics code, Enron’s failure of top leadership, Enron’s corporate culture, Enron’s complicity, lessons learnt from Enron case Enron’s ethics code Respect, integrity, communication and excellence are the ethics code of Enron. These four aspects have a crucial impact on business ethics. â€Å"Ethics requires respect. One cannot exist without the other. Ethical success depends on understanding the profound impact that respect has on your ethics and character.† As Mark S. Putnam said in his article â€Å"Respect: The Starting Point for Good Ethics†(2003), we need to make respect our obligation and show everyone a certain degree of respect. All the top executives did not show respect to lower level employees. The only thing they did isShow MoreRelatedInternal Checks And Balance System Essay1414 Words   |  6 Pagesprovide service to help Enron to cover the loopholes, internal accountants were violate accounting rules in several of off-balance sheet and the lawyers did not provide fair reports because of conflict of interest. First, as an external auditor, Andersen was help to conceal the false statements rather than revealed them to ensure a stable accounting system and verify the accuracy of accounting reports. Andersen not only being Enron’s external auditor, but also been working for Enron as internal auditorRead MoreEnron, An American Energy Company1587 Words   |  7 PagesEnron Leadership One of the best examples recently seen relating to bad leadership is what took place within Enron. Throughout the late ‘90’s, Enron, an American energy company, was considered one of the country s most innovative companies; while the company continued to build power plants and operate gas lines, it became better known for its unique trading businesses (, 2014). It can be described as the ideal company for the dotcom-driven stock market boom of the 90s; Enron threw itselfRead MoreThe Reprehensible Story Of The Enron Corporation1680 Words   |  7 Pagesreprehensible story of the Enron Corporation’s rapid rise to success followed by their consequential disgraceful fall is one that has captivated the attention of the public for more than a decade. Not only was this scandal highlighted largely due to the widespread publication of the Enron Corp’s actions in the newspapers and television but must notably their substantial contradictory actions again st not only basic ethics but Enron’s published Code of Ethics. Outlining the reputation of Enron, Kenneth Lay, ChairmanRead MoreEnron : A Model Of The Innovative Company1684 Words   |  7 PagesEnron Enron began in July 1985, and its headquarters were in Houston. It started from a small regional energy supplier. However, Enron was dissatisfied with the traditional way of doing business, so it began to look toward energy security. Enron s management believed that the creation of derivative securities market for any commodity was possible, so Enron developed energy commodity futures, options, and other financial derivatives. Energy deregulation brought this company great commercial opportunitiesRead MoreEnrons Business Ethics Failure1485 Words   |  6 Pages2. The Fall of Enron ...............................................................................4 3. Enrons ethical dilemmas ..................................................................6 4. Conslucions .......................................................................................7 5. Bibliography ......................................................................................8 1. Overview The goal of this report is to analyze business ethics in the contextRead MoreThe Ethics Code Of Enron1586 Words   |  7 PagesEnron’s ethics code Respect, integrity, communication and excellence are the ethics code of Enron. These four aspects have a crucial impact on business ethics. â€Å"Ethics requires respect. One cannot exist without the other. Ethical success depends on understanding the profound impact that respect has on your ethics and character.† As Mark S. Putnam said in his article â€Å"Respect: The Starting Point for Good Ethics†(2003), we need to make respect our obligation and show everyone a certain degree of respectRead MoreEnron : Year Of Scandal Essay1711 Words   |  7 PagesCost Accounting Project Paper Enron - year of scandal 2001 – Arthur Andersen Introduction As per various researches, it has been proved that today variety of issues are prevailing in our society and all of them should be properly catered so that no further issues can be raised and this will, in the end, helps in reshaping the entire structure of our society too. Therefore proper measures should be taken from the very start so that no negativity can be raised and this will eventually help in enhancingRead MoreValues And Ethics Of The Workplace1259 Words   |  6 PagesValues and ethics are essential in the workplace. It establishes how a company is run and remains profitable. Leaders are the key to demonstrating and creating the organization’s culture, ethics and values. It has to start at the top of the organization including the Chief Executive officer, board and owners. Leaders’ internalization and manifestation of the values in how they operate have a great influence on the employees. Every organization must start with a foundation, a code of conduct, co de of ethicsRead MoreEnrons Ethics Code Of Enron1552 Words   |  7 PagesAbstracts Enron was once one of the largest companies in the world. After many years of using diverse accounting tricks, they finally had to file bankruptcy in December 2001 due to not being able to hide billions in debt. The top 140 executives got paid 680 million in 2001. (CNN Library, 2015). Kenneth Lay as the founder of Enron and Jeffrey Skilling as the chief executive were both convicted in 2006. (Weiss, 2009, p.28). Thousands of workers were left with valueless stock in their pensions whichRead MoreThe Puppet Master Behind The Curtain1338 Words   |  6 Pagescurrent world serve specific agendas that either benefit or disturb the general public. This paper will review and analyze the events of the Enron Corporation in association with the electrical shortages and demand increase in California in the turn of the century. By evaluating the corporate institutions motives and agendas, a clear path will show that Enron misused its size and influenced electric companies to manipulate energy p rices, in order to leverage Enron’s market share and bolster profits

Lottery Ticket’ Free Essays

Nothing is more cold and neutral in the allotment of fates among a group of equals than with a random game of chance. No one is favored neither is anyone discriminated against. Everyone enjoys the same chances of winning the pot viz. We will write a custom essay sample on Lottery Ticket’ or any similar topic only for you Order Now ‘the Lottery Ticket’ by Anton Chekov, just as much as everyone shares the same degree of nervous apprehension from being chosen among the lot as part of a dark ritual viz. ‘the Lottery’, Shirley Jackson. Many men have squandered their lives and property to follow the fickle goddess of circumstances. Likewise, societies throughout history from across different cultures have oftentimes done away with the long process of rational thought and quiet contemplation for a decisively quick way to decide on issues: through an impartial lottery draw of lives across the board. When chance is allowed to determine the fates of men, the results are irrevocable and are not open to discussion or compromise. Once mathematical statistics have chosen the roll, the consequences have the effect of law. Its concomitant mandate is as good as the universe itself has already firmly spoken on the matter. Both the short stories dwell on the central idea of lottery but the angles by which the scheme of it is scrutinized are in the opposite extremes. In brief, Anton Chekov’s ‘the Lottery Ticket’ tells of the sharp, positive change in the outlook of Ivan Dmitritch and his wife who both led an otherwise enervated and disillusioned life (Chekov 88). They were both thrilled with the prospect of being able to afford a few luxuries in life by winning a hefty sum of money from the lottery (ibid.). Ivan begins to imagine the myriad ways to spend the prize money just as his wife was likewise animated at the thought of traveling to places and improving her lot in life (ibid.). It does not take long before Ivan realizes that it was his wife’s ticket and the entire money belonged to her. He foresees the hypothetical situation where she would have him on a leash. Thus, to dispel the unsavory possibility of being subrogated to the wife, Ivan reveals that the ticket was spurious and the combination did not match the winning number. All at once, bliss was replaced with ill-humor. The resentment for their lives has never been more sharply felt. They had a brief taste of bliss although temporarily. From then on nothing will be the same for them again (Chekov 89). On the other hand, Shirley Jackson’s ‘the Lottery’ takes away the ecstatic pleasure one feels in winning the lottery and replaces it with abject dread and horror.   Without going much into details, a group of people in a certain remote village adopted the brand of lottery which was designed to indiscriminately pick the name of a person, on a fixed time and location, to be subjected to public lynching (Jackson 12). The lottery draw is not something that everyone looks forward to every time it was being held. Instead, it is largely anticipated with fear and terror (Jackson 13). Although the tradition is highly unusual and cruel, people in this community continue to practice the ritual even after its neighboring villages stopped doing it altogether (ibid.). Their talismanic attachment to the lottery is left unexplained although one can draw the connection between symbolic barbarism of backward societies and unquestioned belief in tradition. Nevertheless, the people do not take alarm at the punishment because everyone is statistically equal with the other. Only Tessie Hutchinson seems to be complaining precisely because she was on the fore about to suffer the injury and the unjust penalty of death (Jackson 14). In the same vein, the tradition is perpetuated to the younger generation who were at the frontlines eagerly casting out stones from a pile they have previously prepared. Lottery has been around in human recorded history since time immemorial. Abraham who took charge of large plots of land settled disputes on ownership and patrimony through a simple and efficient method of drawing lots (King James Bible, Gen. 1.18-25). The principle of deciding by lottery is practiced up to the present time. It is generally adopted to resolve issues because of its appeal to fair justice (From Grandpa with Love, 2). The flipside to this argument is that everyone shares both justice and injustice equally. Shirley Jackson’s ‘the Lottery’ is an exposition of this principle in the negative end, whereas, Anton Chekov’s ‘the Lottery’ takes off from the notion that fair play sometimes breed resentment and jealousy by the one who is un-favored against those who are favored. The short stories are cries against injustice, either asking â€Å"why not me?† or â€Å"why me?† in the end. Works Cited Chekov, Anton. The Wife and other Stories: The Tales of Chekov vol. 5. New York: Bibliobazaar Publishers Inc., 2003. From Grandpa with Love.   International Bible Society: Zondervan Publishing House, 1984. 12 February 2008. Jackson, Shirley. The Lottery and other Stories. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2005. King James Bible. New York: Hendrikson Publishers, 2003. How to cite Lottery Ticket’, Essay examples

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The Contrasting Characters of Ned and Jimmy

Introduction Ernest J Gaines’ 1971 Novel â€Å"The autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman† provides a description of character traits that differ with generational changes. A comparison of the two characters reveals that Ned belongs to the liberal class of Americans in the south, whose mindsets have been transformed from the old model that emphasized on slavery, white supremacy and male chauvinism.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on The Contrasting Characters of Ned and Jimmy specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More On the other hand, Jimmy Caya belongs to the old generation of the American southerners. They believed in male dominance, white supremacy and racial discrimination. Therefore, it is convenient to argue that while Ned is a symbol of the younger generation that seeks to liberate the society from the old paradigm, Jimmy Caya belongs to the old generation that wants to maintain the status quo, provided the whites and males benefit at the expense of the black slaves. Character analysis and contrasting: Ned Douglas versus Jimmy Caya Ned Douglass is the Jane Pittman’s adopted son. He is a young man growing up under difficult social and economic conditions in the United States. In addition, he is black, which means that he has to endure the difficulties that most young African American people experience as they grow up. Noteworthy, Ned is not only strong, but also insightful and brilliant. For instance, he is portrayed as a bright young man who, in contrast to the members of the older generations, is willing to give changes a chance. This is shown by his efforts to bring change through education, where he helps his people build a school for the young children. He acts like a teacher to the black people and believes that everyone is equal. For example, he gives a sermon at the boat, in which he says â€Å"†¦blacks are true Americans and humans†¦ and are therefore equal t o all other American people regardless of the race†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Gaines 134). He believes that through formal education, the black community, especially in rural areas of the US, will be in a position to fight for their rights, compete with whites and townspeople for the available job opportunities and lead better lives. He also seems to believe that education is a better way of fighting discrimination. Despite knowing that his bold actions are likely to land him into trouble, he goes on to insist on bringing change to his people. For example, he is aware that the white-dominated authorities in the southern states are not willing to see black communities progress, and can do anything to stop him. In spite of this awareness, Ned insists on building the school for the black kids. The author tends to portray Ned as a representative of the young and dynamic generation that is not only willing to sacrifice their lives for the betterment of the future generations, but who believe in the need for education as a tool to fight racial discrimination in the united states. For instance, he tells his black students that they must â€Å"†¦stand up and be true men in order to pursue your dreams, take better jobs and confront the social order, juts like Booker T Washington did†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Gaines 139)Advertising Looking for essay on american literature? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More On the contrary, Jimmy is a relatively reserved person who perceives social and economical issues from the older or traditional perceptive. Although Jimmy Caya is not one of the main characters in the novel, he has been used as a representative of the old generation that feels comfortable with the old ideas, especially in the southern states. in this Novel, Jimmy Caya is Tee Bob’s best friend. He obtained a good education, having attended the prestigious Louisiana state university at Baton Rouge. However, he does not own im mense wealth, unlike the likes of Jules Raynard and Samson. In fact, Raynard thinks that Jimmy Caya is a low-ranking citizen for his lack of property, especially in terms of land. Although he is young like Tee Bob, his thinking is old and reserved. For instance, he maintains the old ideas of the American south. For example, he believes in racial discrimination as a normal aspect of the society. In his quote â€Å"†¦the rules of the society†¦Ã¢â‚¬ , Jimmy seems to stick to the old thinking of the American south (Gaines 167). Secondly, he looks down upon women. For example, when Tee Bob enters into a meaningful relationship with black women, he argues that it is unthinkable for a white male, especially of Bob’s class, to move with black women. Even after he learns of the death of his friend Bob, he thinks that the girl that Bob loved was responsible for the death and should be held responsible. Jimmy says â€Å"†¦I had only explained the ‘rules of societ y’ to Bob earlier†¦Ã¢â‚¬  implying that Agnes must be held responsible â€Å"†¦as per the rules of the society†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Gaines 167). Conclusion In conclusion, the characters of Jimmy and Ned are contrasting in various ways. While Ned attempts to use his education and social knowledge to free the people from ignorance and poverty, Jimmy believes in status quo. Jimmy does not want change, especially in terms of racism and male chauvinism. The characters of Jimmy portrays him as an ideal representative of the younger generation, in comparison with that of Ned, an ideal representative of the older generation. Therefore, it is convenient to argue that while Ned is a symbol of the younger generation that seeks to liberate the society from the old paradigm, Jimmy Caya belongs to the old generation that wants to maintain the status quo, provided the whites and males benefit at the expense of the black slaves.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Th e Contrasting Characters of Ned and Jimmy specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Works Cited Gaines, Ernest. The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman. New York: Dial Press Paperbacks, 2009. Print This essay on The Contrasting Characters of Ned and Jimmy was written and submitted by user TheEnforcers to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.